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Standalone Systems


For ultimate performances
at Ultra-High Vacuum


NanoSpace is a conveniently versatile system specially designed to operate under Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) conditions. NanoSpace can be configured either as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or as a dual beam platform combining a SEM and a high performance Focused Ion Beam (FIB). This UHV instrument is developed with a modular architecture allowing a large choice of SEM and FIB columns that matches end-users specific needs and goals. NanoSpace offers the best, complete and customized solution for FIB nanomachining, surface analysis, on samples demanding the most rigorous contamination-free environment.

NanoSpace can also be equipped with a UHV compatible Gas Injection System (GIS) for local metal deposition and selective etching.

In-situ connection to third party systems such as MBE clusters, surface analysis instrument, is also possible through a UHV intermediate chamber. This connectivity broadens NanoSpace application scope.


  Vacuum Performances

  Main Chamber Vacuum

  5.10-10 mbar

  UHV Configuration

  Maximum instrument bakeout
  temperature is 120°C

  Sample Main Chamber Introduction

  30 min




Full UHV design - Contamination free environment
NanoSpace is the first UHV designed FIB-SEM instrument, fully bakeable to reach ultimate vacuum level.


Fully customizable system
UHV NanoSpace can be customized in order to completely fulfill specific needs. Total flexibility is given in selecting the FIB column, either with LMAIS, gas plasma ion source, Wien Filtered Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source (LMAIS), or Wien filtered gas plasma ion source.


Designed to perform high quality surface analysis
Excellent conditions and unique dual beam geometry allow correlation of in-situ SEM and high quality Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry images in a single instrument.


Accurate sample control
The 6-axis stage UHV compatible allows for loading samples which dimensions up to 100 mm in length and width.


UHV connection
A UHV intermediate chamber is designed to ensure Nanospace’s connection to third party UHV instruments, process cluster or synchrotron beam line.


Fully automated instrument
The NanoSpace control and imaging software is highly ergonomic and easy to use. Control of the vaccum system is fully automated to ensure safe, fast and easy vacuum operations.


High resolution imaging UHV connection
NanoSpace is equipped with two different high-resolution electron beam columns, either fully electrostatic or electromagnetic.
In combination with the Secondary Electron Detector, Nanospace produces high quality images.


  • Inside NanoSpace UHV chamber