Secondary Electron Detector
for greater topography imaging

Thanks to a highly effective secondary electron collection, SED guarantees a sufficient brightness even for low particle emissions. Based on the Everhart-Thornley detection principle, Orsay Physics SED achieves high dynamic imaging. It includes a scintillator, a light pipe and a photomultiplier to intensify effectiveness of gathered secondary electrons.
It is customized to perfectly fit into any vacuum chambers and to ensure the best image quality.

  Key Features

  Adjustable parameters

  Collector voltage / Accelerating
  voltage / Brightness / Contrast

  Main Characteristic

  Lenght-customizable nozzle


  Non-sensitive to light detector

  Adaptation Requirement

  35 CF flange

  Optional UHV configuration

  Maximum bakeout temperature
  is 120°C

  • Rare-earth carbonate mineral from the extraction of strontium (FOV = 1.35 mm)

  • SE image of Ga and GaN on silicon (FOV = 5 ┬Ám)

  • Overview of a solder ball array (FOV = 3.2 mm)