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TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING is a multi-national company established by the merger of the Czech company TESCAN, a leading global supplier of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) workstations, and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS, a world leader in customized Focused Ion and Electron Beam technology.

"This merger is a natural evolution in growth for both organizations. Combined, both companies have a strong history of innovation, which will continue to advance our electron and ion beam technologies” said Jaroslav Klima, CEO of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, when the merge has been announced. Dr Pierre Sudraud, founder of ORSAY PHYSICS, added: “we know having TESCAN as our chosen partner, the future is bright for charged particle microscopy. We intend to leverage the strengths of our available technologies to better serve our customers in all sectors.”

Since then, expertises and synergies between all TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING subsidiaries have developed our group strike force in terms of core businesses, localizations, customers’ supports and dynamism.



At the heart of ORSAY PHYSICS: Dr Pierre SUDRAUD


From his beginning in the Orsay University during the 70s to the creation of ORSAY PHYSICS in 1989, and then recently the merger of ORSAY PHYSICS and TESCAN (a leading global supplier of Scanning Electron Microscopes or SEM) constituting TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, Dr Pierre SUDRAUD was the tireless designer and director of new and innovating scientific instruments integrating ions sources and charged particle optics for a large panel of industrials, SEM workstation manufacturers and academic partners.

In 1972, Dr Pierre SUDRAUD, with a supraconductive cavity thesis carried out at the Orsay Intitute of Electronics (IEF Orsay), joined Raimond CASTAING researchers group in the Solid Physic Laboratory (LPS Orsay) to prepare a state doctorate thesis under Christian COLLIEX responsibility. Pierre SUDRAUD’s work and results led to the introduction of a whole huge research field on ions emission from solid and liquid metallic points. The Liquid Metal Ion Source (LMIS) developed by Dr Pierre SUDRAUD has been universally adopted since then.

His ways of being and mindset as a researcher and academic pioneer have led Dr Pierre SUDRAUD to become a great business leader, supervising about twenty PhD students and learning engineers (after degrees, 2/3 are under permanent contract at ORSAY PHYSICS), managing leading-edge scientific and industrial projects.

Thanks to Dr Pierre SUDRAUD’s intensive R&D activity, and also to his efficient industrial approach, ORSAY PHYSICS has grown steadily over the years. In 2011, ORSAY PHYSICS acquired BIOPHY RESEARCH, a company specialized in materials surface analysis.

Dr Pierre SUDRAUD died on March 1th, 2015. However for several years, he has planned and set up a team and a new company organization having the ability to challenge and grow without him.